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What does a crankshaft do?

Of course, the main function is to convert the heat energy burning in the car through the connecting rod crank mechanism, into the rotating mechanical kinetic energy, output to the gearbox, and eventually transfer the energy to the wheel, driving the car.

Crankshaft function

The conveyor oil lubrication and cooling connecting rod, piston pin.

The oil pump inside the engine pumps the oil in the oil bottom shell out, through the crankshaft’s internal pre-processing oil hole, transports it to the connecting rod and piston pin friction parts, lubricates, and cools it, and removes the energy debris from the movement process.

Balance the vibration of the engine

The more upscale the car, the smaller the engine vibrates and the more smoothly it operates. In addition to the crankshaft itself, the balance block structure accident is designed, and the bottom of the crankshaft directly drives a pair of balancing crankshafts. They are connected to the crankshaft through the gears and have a strict phase relationship, which is opposite to the crankshaft in the rotation direction, which is twice as fast as the crankshaft.

Each cylinder Angle information

Transmission of crankshaft speed, Angle information, that is, the reaction of each cylinder Angle information. The ECU(electronic central control unit) of the engine can control the timing time difference of the camshaft and adjust the opening time of the inlet and outlet; Calculate the opening time of the injection nozzle in each cylinder to improve the effect of torque reduction. Landtopmall, are a professional engine parts supplier with many years of experience. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us. Recently, the sales of the thrust film suitable for d722 Kubota engine parts in our store are very good. If you happen to be reading and have a demand, you can go to the store and have a look.

What does a crankshaft do?

Drive the rotation of other parts of the engine.

For example, the camshaft is rotated by timing sprocket or timing pulley; Drive generator operation, drive pump operation; Drive the tank fan operation, drive the car air conditioning operation, etc., is the source of the power for other operating parts.

The crankshaft is running at the same time as stirring the oil in the oil bottom shell, cooling and scouring the crankshaft chamber, in addition to lubricating the inner wall of the cylinder, but also can make the internal heat of the engine through the splash of oil, through the oil shell and the engine cylinder body to send out.

About crankshaft maintenance requirements

1. Decompose and clean crankshaft components to ensure clean and smooth oil flow inside the crankshaft.

2. Flaw detection of the crankshaft must be replaced if there is a crack. Carefully check the crankshaft spindle neck, connecting rod journal, and its rotating arc and all surfaces shall not be scratched, burned, or touched.

3. Check the crankshaft spindle neck and connecting rod journal, and repair it according to the repair grade after the size is oversized. Crankshaft journal repair is as follows:

4. Check the hardness requirements of the crankshaft journal and connecting rod journal, and must meet the technical requirements. Otherwise, it should be reprocessed to meet the requirements of use.

5. Crankshaft radial circle pulsation, thrust to face the main journal common axis of the radial pulsation, must meet the technical requirements. Otherwise, corrections must be made.

6. The parallel degree of the common axis of the spindle neck must meet the technical requirements.

7. In case of cracks, damage, and wear in the front and rear transmission gear of the crankshaft, the crankshaft shall be replaced.

8. If there is any crack in the crankshaft balancing block bolts, they must be replaced. After the crankshaft changes the balance block or the balance block bolt, the crankshaft assembly is tested for dynamic balance to ensure that the unbalance is in line with the technical requirements.

9. If there is any crack, scratch, or elongation of flywheel or pulley bolts exceeding the limit, they shall be replaced.

10. Carefully check the shock absorber of the crankcase support foot, if damage, rubber aging, cracking, deformation, or crack, must be replaced.

11.  When assembling the crankshaft, pay attention to the installation of spindle tile and thrust tile. Check the shaft clearance of the crankshaft and tighten the vertical and horizontal bolts of the main bearing cover as required. (first vertical, then horizontal)


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