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What is a Car Overhaul? What Should Be Overhauled?

I believe that most car owners take good care of their cars, and they know very well that it is better to maintain a car than to maintain a car. along with
The increase in service life, mileage, and unavoidable accidents will eventually lead to a complete diagnosis and repair of the car. So how much do you know about auto overhaul? Under what circumstances does the download need to be overhauled?

What is a Car Overhaul?

The so-called car overhaul refers to the restoration repair that completely or nearly completely restores the technical performance of the vehicle by repairing or replacing auto parts after a certain mileage or time of driving a new car or an overhauled car. collective name.

Under What Circumstances Does the Car Need to Be Overhauled?

When the mileage of the car is close to the overhaul period, a technical appraisal should be carried out to assess whether the car needs an overhaul. If it is believed that the car can still be used, the mileage for continued driving should be specified, and the appraisal will be carried out at that time. Periodic technical qualifications can avoid early or delayed major repairs. Whether the car needs to be overhauled should be based on the technical condition of most assemblies. If most of the assemblies are in good technical condition, individual severely worn assemblies can be overhauled.
For example, an overhaul of the engine, due to the serious wear and aging of the internal parts of the engine, the power performance will be significantly reduced. At this time, it is necessary to replace the valve, piston, cylinder liner, boring cylinder, grinding shaft, etc. for the engine overhaul. Domestic cars generally need to be overhauled after driving about 100,000 kilometers, and imported cars generally need to travel more than 100,000 kilometers before overhauling. After overhaul: engine performance can be restored to more than 90% of its previous level. For example, the Mitsubishi 4d32 engine can be restored very well.

What Are the Methods of Care Overhaul?

1. Car repair method:
In the repair process, except for the replacement of scrapped parts, the parts and assemblies of the original car are repaired and put back into the original car.
2. Assembly exchange repair method:
Except for the frame and the passenger car, the original parts are repaired accordingly, and other damaged assemblies can be replaced. The replaced old assembly shall be repaired separately. The use of the assembly interchange repair method can shorten the downtime of the car in the factory compared with the on-vehicle repair method.
Strengthen production planning. But the factory can only take this approach if the repairs are frequent, the model is relatively simple, and the spare assembly is in stock.

Car Overhaul

What Does the Car Overhaul Repair?

Automobile overhaul is mainly divided into three types, one is overhauling the engine, one is overhauling the transmission, and the other is overhauling the beam (suspension)
1. Overhaul the car engine
Replace the main components inside the engine. It mainly includes a crankshaft, live cold, connecting rod, cylinder liner, valve assembly, piston ring, size tile, etc. For example, when the engine burns oil and emits blue smoke, it is time to overhaul. If you need a high-quality and inexpensive overhaul gasket kit, you can go to LandTopMall to buy it.
2. The project of automobile overhaul engine
Replacement of piston connecting rod, valve seat ring, crankshaft bearing connecting rod bearing, piston ring, timing belt (some cars do not need to be replaced for timing chain), engine overhaul kit (including all gaskets, oil seals, valve oil seals, air cushion,
Oil pan gasket, crankshaft head oil seal (but not including crankshaft rear oil seal), crankshaft rear oil seal, gearbox front oil seal, cleaning engine waterway, cleaning water tank, replacing oil and filter.
3. Overhaul of automobile transmission
Replace the main parts inside the transmission. Gears, seals, locking pins, etc.
4. Overhaul of automobile girder
The overhaul of the girder is only necessary when there is a collision or a fracture occurs for a long time. Generally, it is necessary to go to the girder calibration platform for girder calibration.
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Overhaul Gasket Kit

The Car After Overhaul Matters Needing Attention

After a car overhaul, it needs to be run just like a new car. There are mainly the following suggestions:
1. The engine speed should not be too high, preferably not more than 3000 rpm.
2. After the cold car is started, it is best to do a warm-up process, and then start driving after the water temperature changes.
Usually in about 5 minutes.
3. The load must be specified according to the load capacity of the model, and it is better not to exceed 70% of the specified load capacity.
4. Try to avoid sudden refueling and sudden braking. Because the sudden braking has a great impact on the new engine, especially in the case of urgent refueling, it will seriously affect the running-in of the new parts of the engine, and directly affect the matching clearance between the parts.
5. The sudden situation should be handled in advance during driving, and the driving should be slowed down to maintain a uniform speed. Keep the speed at 50-80 kilometers per hour, but do not drive at low speed for a long time. Pay attention to the change of gears during driving, and do not drive in one gear for a long time.
6. Finally, it is recommended to change the oil as soon as possible after running in.


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