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Do You Know What is a Cylinder Liner?

As you browse our blog, I am sure you will want to know what a cylinder liner is. What is that cylinder liner? Don’t worry, after reading the introduction of LANDTOPMALL, you can understand everything.

Next, LANDTOPMALL will take you to understand what a cylinder liner is.

Cylinder Liner

What is a Cylinder Liner

What is a cylinder liner? The cylinder liner is the abbreviation of the cylinder liner. It is embedded in the cylinder barrel of the cylinder block and forms the combustion chamber together with the piston and the cylinder head.


Cylinder liner is divided into two categories: dry cylinder liner and wet cylinder liner. The cylinder liner whose back does not in contact with the cooling water is called a dry cylinder liner, and the cylinder liner whose back is in contact with the cooling water is a wet cylinder liner. The thickness of the dry cylinder liner is thin, the structure is simple, and the processing is convenient. The wet cylinder liner is in direct contact with the cooling water, so it is beneficial to the cooling of the engine and to the miniaturization and weight reduction of the engine.

Processing Process

Cylinder barrel: blanking —- rough turning — heat treatment (quenching and tempering) —- turning (flat head chamfering) —- rough pushing inner hole — rolling inner hole —- turning (outer circle open frame socket)—-inner hole stop of car—-welding cylinder bottom—-car (outer circle) Internal galvanized or chrome-plated as required

Executive Standard

The production standard for wet cylinder liners is GB/T1150-2010. This standard applies to wet cast-iron cylinder liners for reciprocating piston internal combustion engines with a cylinder liner diameter less than or equal to 200mm.

The standard of dry cylinder liner is JB/NQ 56.1~56.3-87, and the wall thickness of the general dry cylinder liner is 4mm.

Knocking Symptoms

The symptoms of diesel generator knocking during operation are: from medium speed to low speed, there will be a heavy knocking sound, the exhaust pipe of the diesel generator set emits black smoke, and there is a sound of gunfire or fire from time to time, the engine body overheat. The main reasons for knocking cylinders are:

Fuel Delivery Time is Too Early

When the piston of the diesel generator set moves upward and has not reached the specified fuel injection position, the fuel injector starts to inject fuel to advance the fuel combustion. sound, reduce the throttle, the knocking sound is obvious.

The solution is to adjust the fuel supply advance angle, that is, increase the gasket between the fuel injection pump and the gearbox to delay the fuel supply time to the specified fuel injection time. For every 0.1 mm increase in the gasket, the advance angle of the oil supply can be delayed by 1.3-1.7.

Poor Fuel Burn

Too low fuel injection pressure, fuel dripping from the injector, poor atomization of fuel injection, and too late fuel supply time will all cause poor fuel combustion and cause cylinder knocking. The knocking sound caused by this type of failure is low and hoarse, accompanied by engine overheating, black smoke or exhaust pipe firing, fire, and other phenomena. The fuel injector should be removed for inspection and adjustment, the fuel supply time should be adjusted, and new parts should be replaced if necessary to make it meet the regulations.

Outlet Valve Wear

After the oil outlet valve is worn, on the one hand, the matching gap between the pressure reducing ring belt and the inner hole of the valve seat becomes larger, the sealing performance becomes worse, and the pressure reducing effect becomes worse; on the other hand, the residual pressure in the high-pressure oil pipe is too high, and the oil supply increases, causing Cylinder knocking due to fuel detonation. The knocking sound is especially pronounced when the throttle is reduced.

Well, that’s it for today’s introduction to what a cylinder liner is. If you still want to know more about cylinder liners, or buy cylinder liners, pay attention to LANDTOPAMLL, you will have unexpected surprises.


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