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What is a Solenoid Valve and Technical Principles of it?

The properties of the electric current they employ, the strength of the magnetic field they generate, the mechanism they use to govern the fluid, and the type and qualities of fluid they control all differ among solenoid valves. Linear action, plunger-type actuators, pivoted-armature actuators, and rocker actuators are all examples of mechanisms. The valve can regulate a flow with a two-port design or switch flows between ports with a three-port or more port design. On a manifold, multiple solenoid valves can be grouped together.

solenoid valves


Wherever fluid flow must be controlled automatically, solenoid valves are used. They are increasingly being employed in a wide range of plants and equipment. Because of the many various designs available, a valve can be chosen to fit the application issue perfectly.


Solenoid valves are control units that shut off or allow fluid flow when electrically energized or de-powered. An electromagnet is used as the actuator. When electrified, a magnetic field forms, pulling a plunger or pivoted armature against the spring action. When the plunger or pivoting armature is de-energized, the spring action returns it to its original position.

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Operation of Valves

Direct-acting valves, internally piloted valves, and externally piloted valves are classified according to their actuation mode. The number of port connections or flow routes is another distinct characteristic (“ways”).

Dual-action Valves

The seat seal is linked to the solenoid core and is a direct-acting solenoid valve. A seat orifice is closed when the valve is de-powered, but it opens when the valve is energized.

Solenoid Valves with Internal Piloting

When using direct-acting valves, the static pressure forces rise as the orifice diameter increases, implying that the magnetic forces required to overcome the pressure forces grow as well. Internally piloted solenoid valves are used to switch greater pressures with bigger orifice diameters; in this scenario, the differential fluid pressure does the majority of the work in opening and closing the valve.

solenoid valves

Externally Piloted Valves

The valve is actuated by an independent pilot medium in these variants. A piston-operated angle-seat valve with a closing spring is shown in Figure 7. The valve seat is closed in an unpressurized state. The independent pilot medium is controlled by a 3-way solenoid valve that can be installed on the actuator. The piston is raised against the spring when the solenoid valve is energized, and the valve opens. If the spring is put on the opposite side of the actuator piston, the valve will open normally. The independent pilot medium is attached to the top of the actuator in these circumstances. There is no spring in the double-acting versions controlled by 4/2-way valves.


All materials used in the manufacture of the valves are carefully chosen to suit the various purposes. The materials used for the body, seals, and solenoid are chosen to maximize functional reliability, fluid compatibility, service life, and cost.

Range of Temperatures

The fluid medium’s temperature limits are always specified. Temperature performance can be influenced by a number of parameters, including ambient conditions, cycle, speed, voltage tolerance, installation details, and so on. As a result, the figures given here should only be used as a rough guide. You should consult Omega’s Engineering Department in circumstances when operation at extremes of the temperature range is required.

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