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What is Connecting Rod? How does a Con Rod Work?

What is a Connecting Rod?

A connecting rod is the component of a reciprocating engine that connects the crankshaft to the pistons. The connecting rod and crankpin convert the reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotational motion of the crankshaft.

The main function of the connecting rod is to transmit the tension and compression force of the piston. Connecting rods are most commonly used in EC engines and IC engines.

The connecting rods are made of forged steel. That one has an I-beam section. Aluminum alloys are also used for the manufacture of connecting rods. In order to keep the engine balanced, the connecting rods are arranged in particularly equal weight groups.

Lightweight parallel assemblies will allow the engine to generate more output and less vibration when the engine pistons and connecting rods are lightweight.

In order to transmit thrust from the piston to the crankpin, the engine needs a light, stiff, and strong connecting rod.

Connecting Rod

Working on Con Rod

The connecting rod transmits power from the piston to the crankshaft. Mechanical strength is required. Micro I beam.

Consists of a small end rod and a large end rod. The smaller end is attached to a list pin (also called a piston pin or piston pin) that rotates inside the piston. At the other end, to reduce friction, the large end is connected to the crankpin through a sleeve bearing. Rolling bearings use small motors and therefore do not require a pump lubrication system.

At the larger end of the connecting rod, there is a pinhole through the bearing, which sprays oil to the pressure side of the cylinder wall to lubricate the piston stroke and piston rings.

The power from the fuel combustion process pushes the engine pistons, which begin to reciprocate. When the piston reciprocates, the reciprocation is transmitted to the connecting rod. A connecting rod and crankpin convert this motion into rotational motion. After converting the motion into rotational motion, the connecting rod transmits the resulting motion to the crankshaft. The connecting rod plays an important role in the entire four-stroke of the engine, and of course, every gadget in the engine may play a vital role. Therefore, good quality main bearing and con rod bearing are also very important. In Landtopmall, the main bearing for Kubota v2403m and con rod bearing 17311-22310 are very popular with the public.

Connecting Rod

Construction and Functions of Connecting Rod

One end of the connecting rod has two types, small and large. Since the large head is at right angles to that length, the crankpin can be assembled easily. To fasten the bearing cap to the connection housing, 2 bolts and nuts are used.

In the latest engines, although the bearing metal melted through the large end threads is not included, another mild steel bearing pad is used.

Cup bearings are wear-resistant, but in order for the bearing cap to fit properly, backlash and overshoot are dealt with. Some engines use positive bearings. In this case, use a thin sheet of metal. This metal plate is called the calf.

The tibia is filled with thinner to balance bearing wear and ensure proper bearing clearance between the crankshaft and connecting rod. The small end of the rod is secured with a phosphor bronze bushing and screw and the eye disc around the crankpin is closed.

Remember that all connecting rods of the engine must be the same weight. Otherwise, significant vibration may occur. When assembled, the connecting rod and bearing cap must be aligned with each other. Since there is usually an identification number, there is no confusion even if the engine is removed for repairs.

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