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What is the Function of the Cylinder Head?

The Function of the Cylinder Head

Close the cylinder and form the combustion chamber with the cylinder head. Cast cylinder head with a water jacket, water intake hole, water outlet hole, spark plug hole, bolt hole, combustion chamber, and other features. In addition to the cooling water jacket, the cylinder head of an overhead valve engine has valve mechanisms, intake and exhaust passageways, and other components.

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The cylinder head is a component of the internal combustion engine’s valve mechanism. It is primarily utilized to establish the combustion chamber by closing the upper half of the cylinder. The camshaft, rocker shaft, and intake and exhaust pipes are all supported by it. Its principal function is to draw air into the cylinder. The combustible mixed gas is ignited by the spark plug, which then pushes the piston to work, and the exhaust gas is released through the exhaust pipe.

The inadequate sealing of the valve or the lower end face of the cylinder head is the major cause of cylinder head air leakage. As a result, any carbon accumulation on the valve seat’s sealing surface should be removed as soon as possible. Depending on the degree of damage, the sealing surface should be repaired or replaced with a new valve seat. Air leakage is also caused by the cylinder head warping and the cylinder head gasket is damaged. The cylinder head nuts must be tightened in the specified order to avoid warping of the cylinder head and damage to the cylinder head gasket, and the tightening torque must meet the criteria. Cracks in the cylinder head or a leaky water stopper are the most common causes of water leaking. To avoid cracks, gradually increase the load when the engine has fully warmed up; the engine cannot be overloaded for an extended period of time; in severe cold places, the cooling water must be drained after parking.

cylinder head

The Installation Requirements of Cylinder Head

  1. Disassembly should be done in ascending order, from outside to inside, first parts, then parts.
  2. When disassembling parts of the same shape and size, such as cylinders, pistons, piston pins, connecting rods, and so on, a mark should be used to indicate the position number and orientation, and then the parts should be dismantled.
  3. When pressing or punching out the shaft sleeve and pin during disassembly, the direction of repulsion should be determined first, and then indirect hammering with a copper hammer or copper rod should be utilized to avoid hair or damage to the surface of the parts.
  4. When disassembling the parts, don’t use too much force. When parts are difficult to disassemble, the reasons should be discovered before dismantling so that the parts are not damaged.
  5. People should be allocated to work during the dismantling process to avoid being replaced.
  6. To avoid collision damage, the dismantled parts should be positioned according to the level of accuracy.
  7. To avoid loss, tiny parts (such as balls and springs) should be mounted on the major parts after cleaning.
  8. To keep the surface of the removed pieces from rusting, they must be coated with lubricating oil or soaked in oil after they have been cleaned.
  9. Clean parts should be sorted and stored in a clean area, with clean objects covering them to prevent dust adhesion.
  10. The dismantled cotter pin cannot be used again and must be replaced.
  11. After cleaning the kerosene, remove the oil, gas, and other pipes, blast them out with compressed air or nitrogen, and seal the pipe mouth.

cylinder head

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