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What Makes Up an Engine?

In the era of mass production and high maintenance costs, it is very necessary to know some theoretical knowledge about car engines, which can not only help you better understand your car but also save some unnecessary maintenance costs to a certain extent. . When you need to buy accessories but don’t know how to choose, you can contact LandTopMall’s accessories experts to help you. We not only provide a turbocharger with model number 3599355 but also various engine accessories suitable for Yanmar 129407-01340 engine. The following is the theoretical knowledge about the engine:

Crank Link Mechanism

The crank connecting rod mechanism is the main moving part for the engine to realize the working cycle and complete the energy conversion. It consists of a body group, a piston connecting rod group, and a crankshaft flywheel group. During the power stroke, the piston moves linearly in the cylinder under the gas pressure, converts it into the rotational motion of the crankshaft through the connecting rod, and outputs power from the crankshaft. During the intake, compression, and exhaust strokes, the flywheel releases energy and converts the rotational motion of the crankshaft into the linear motion of the piston.


The function of the valve train is to open and close the intake valve and exhaust valve regularly according to the working sequence and working process of the engine so that the combustible mixture or air enters the cylinder, and the exhaust gas is discharged from the cylinder to realize the ventilation process. Most of the valve trains use overhead-valve valve trains, which are generally composed of valve groups, valve transmission groups, and valve drives.

Fuel Supply System

The function of the gasoline engine fuel supply system is to prepare a certain amount and concentration of mixture according to the requirements of the engine, supply it into the cylinder, and discharge the combusted exhaust gas from the cylinder to the atmosphere: the function of the diesel engine fuel supply system is to The air and air are respectively supplied into the cylinder, and the mixture is formed and combusted in the combustion chamber, and finally, the combusted exhaust gas is discharged. LandTopMall has more than 30,000+ high-quality spare parts. If you need a turbo with model number 3599355 to help your engine generate more horsepower, please call 1-304-504-3024 to buy it!

Lubrication system

The function of the lubrication system is to deliver a quantitative amount of clean lubricating oil to the surface of the parts that are in relative motion to achieve liquid friction, reduce frictional resistance, and reduce the wear of parts. Clean and cool the surface of the parts. The lubrication system usually consists of lubricating oil passages, oil pumps, oil filters, and some valves.

Cooling System

The function of the cooling system is to dissipate part of the heat absorbed by the heated parts in time to ensure that the engine works at the most suitable temperature. The cooling system of a water-cooled engine usually consists of a cooling water jacket, a water pump, a fan, a water tank, and a thermostat.

Ignition System

In a gasoline engine, the combustible mixture in the cylinder is ignited by an electric spark. For this reason, a spark plug is installed on the cylinder head of the gasoline engine, and the head of the spark plug extends into the combustion chamber. All equipment that can generate sparks between the spark cold electrodes on time is called an ignition system. The ignition system is usually composed of batteries, generators, distributors, ignition coils, and spark plugs.

Starting System

To make the engine transition from a static state to a working state, the crankshaft of the engine must be rotated by an external force, so that the piston reciprocates, and the combustible mixture in the cylinder burns and expands to perform work, pushing the piston downward to make the crankshaft rotate. The engine can run on its own and the work cycle can proceed automatically. Therefore, the whole process from the crankshaft starting to rotate under the action of external force to the engine starting to run at idle speed is called the starting of the engine. The device required to complete the starting process is called the starting system of the engine.

Piston Stroke

The distance the piston moves from one dead center to another, that is, the distance between the top and bottom dead centers is called the piston stroke. Generally represented by s, corresponding to a piston stroke, the crankshaft rotates 180°

Crank Radius

The distance between the center of rotation of the crankshaft and the center of the crankpin is called the crank radius, generally represented by R. Usually the piston stroke is twice the crank radius, ie s=2R.

Cylinder Working Volume

The volume swept by the piston from one dead center to another dead center is called the working volume of the cylinder. Generally expressed by Vh.

Combustion Chamber Volume

When the piston is at the top dead center, the volume between its top and the cylinder head is called the combustion chamber volume.

Total Cylinder Volume

When the piston is at the bottom dead center, the volume between its top and the cylinder head is called the total cylinder volume. Generally expressed by Ve the total cylinder volume is the sum of the cylinder working volume and the combustion chamber volume, namely Va=Ve+Vh. We specialize in providing all kinds of engine accessories suitable for Yanmar 129407-01340 engine, only you can’t think of it, there is nothing we can’t find, you are welcome to call, our accessories experts will serve you wholeheartedly!

Engine Displacement

The sum of the working volumes of each cylinder of a multi-cylinder engine is called the engine displacement. Generally represented by VL.

Compression Ratio

The compression ratio is a very important concept in the engine. The compression ratio indicates the degree of compression of the gas. It is the ratio of the volume of the gas before compression to the volume of the gas after compression, that is, the ratio of the total volume of the cylinder to the volume of the combustion chamber is called the compression ratio.

Work Cycle

Each working cycle includes the process of intake, compression, work, and exhaust, that is, the completion of the four processes of intake, compression, work, and exhaust is called a

Effective Torque

Refers to the torque output by the engine through the crankshaft or flywheel. Effective torque is the torque generated by the gas pressure acting on the top of the piston through the connecting rod and transmitted to the crankshaft, and the net torque output from the crankshaft after overcoming the loss of friction and drive accessories.

Effective Power

Refers to the power output by the engine through the crankshaft or flywheel. Effective power is also the net power output from the crankshaft. It is equal to the product of effective torque and crankshaft speed. The effective power of the engine can be measured with a dynamometer on a special test bench to measure the effective torque and crankshaft speed, and then use the following formula to calculate the effective power


Refers to the revolutions per minute of the engine crankshaft, in r/min. The power and corresponding speed indicated on the engine product nameplate are called rated power and rated speed. According to the requirements of the reliability test method of automobile engines, the automobile engine should be able to run continuously for 300 to 1000 hours under underrated working conditions.

Economic Performance Indicators

The fuel consumption rate is usually used to evaluate the economic performance of an internal combustion engine. The fuel consumption rate refers to the fuel per unit of effective work

Consumption, that is, the mass of fuel consumed by the engine in 1 hour per 1kW of effective power output.


engine component


Through my introduction, have you mastered the superficial knowledge of engine theory? When you need to replace engine spare parts, don’t forget to click on LandTopMall‘s website to have a one-on-one consultation with our spare parts experts. We not only provide a turbocharger with model number 3599355 but also various engine accessories suitable for Yanmar 129407-01340 engine.


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