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What Should Hydraulic Excavators Pay Attention to in Special Occasions?

Generally, the failure rate of hydraulic equipment is relatively high in the initial stage of use due to reasons such as design, manufacture, transportation, installation, and debugging. In the later period of equipment use, the failures gradually increase due to wear, corrosion, aging fatigue, etc. during long-term use. Only in the middle period of use, do equipment failures tend to be random and relatively stable, that is, the effective working life of the equipment. However, if it is used improperly or the potential faults are not diagnosed and eliminated in time, even in the valid life period, sudden serious faults cannot be ruled out. Therefore, it is the premise of correct and timely elimination of various faults to carefully study and summarize the faults and diagnosis techniques of each equipment. If you need to replace excavator accessories, please go to LandTopMall to purchase, we will provide you with the most professional answers and high-quality products.


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What Maintenance Needs to Be Done After Working in Cold and Dusty Areas

1. In addition to normal routine maintenance operations, the following two points should be paid special attention to the maintenance measures of hydraulic excavators after operation in cold areas:

(1) Prevent the walking parts from freezing. After the work is completed, the mud on the car body should be cleaned with water, and the machine should be parked on concrete or wooden boards or solid and dry ground.

(2) The antifreeze of the phantom piston rod. After the operation, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder should be retracted to the maximum extent. If the piston rod is exposed, the surface of the rod can freeze due to condensation of moisture in the air, or the end cap seals can be damaged due to the freezing of adhering soil.

2. The maintenance measures for hydraulic excavators after working in dusty sites are as follows:

(1) Clean the air filter after the operation;

(2) Clean the dust accumulated on the heating device and oil cooler;

(3) Check the oil frequently, and use the hydraulic oil filter to treat the oil regularly. Prevent dust from mixing into working oil and fuel;

(4) Wash the car in time after the operation, and do not let the adhering dust turn into dirt and accumulate.

What Should Be Paid Attention to when Hydraulic Excavators Are Used on Special Occasions?

1. When the excavator works at the seaside

In this case, after the excavator is finished, be sure to rinse the part of the excavator that has come into contact with the saltwater, and pay attention to whether the electrical part is corroded. After cleaning, use oil to protect the exposed metal, and then lubricate the various working devices and components of the excavator to check whether the components are loose and damaged. If found, it must be dealt with in time. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the excavator working at the seaside, it may cause the metal of the excavator to corrode, which will greatly affect the working state of the excavator.

2. When the excavator is working in the field

Many excavators are working in the field, and there is a lot of dust on the construction site. In this case, the air filter element of the excavator should be replaced earlier than normal to ensure the normal operation of the engine. When there is a lot of dust, the radiator of the excavator will easily accumulate dust and affect the heat dissipation effect. So use clean water to clean the radiator of the excavator. Replacing the diesel filter earlier is the same as above. Take care to clean the starter and generator rectifier. There are also excavators working in many mines now. There are many rocks. At this time, pay attention to the chassis and four-wheel area of ​​the excavator, and pay attention to whether it is loose or damaged. Check the tension of the track, it is better to be looser than if it were on flat ground. When working on the mountain, the working device of the excavator will be damaged more quickly. Attention should be paid to the use of the reinforced working device of the excavator and timely replacement. If you need to replace these accessories, welcome to LandTopMall to choose, our recent hot models are accessories for the d722-e4b engine.

3. When the excavator works in the cold zone

First of all, the oil should use high-quality anti-cold fuel oil. Pay attention to the oil label. It is best to use the oil of minus 10 or minus 20. Then, antifreeze should be added to the cooling water used by the excavator, otherwise, the water tank will be frozen. Again, the battery needs to be charged and discharged more often to prevent the electrolyte from freezing. Finally, remove the mud on the chassis of the excavator to prevent the excavator from freezing on the muddy ground.

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