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What’s the Reaction to a Broken Engine Connecting Rod Bearing?

What’s the Reaction to a Broken Engine Connecting Rod Bearing?

The main manifestations of broken car engine connecting rod bearing are lack of car oil or no car oil, the engine crankshaft will suddenly report dead when the car engine is running so that the car engine can be immediately judged to be pulled; when the engine has car oil, the car engine After a long time, if the car engine is running, there will be a rattling sound of the car engine, and this noise will go with the sound of the oil, and the bigger the accelerator pedal, the louder it will be.


Symptoms of car engine Lava: the lack of lubricating car oil is more serious when the car engine is running; it is found that the car oil used in the car engine is moldy and cannot provide lubrication; the oil pressure is low or there is no oil pressure The car engine still runs; in the crankcase of the car engine Aluminum alloy powder with blocks was found in the engine oil of the ventilated engine; there was abnormal noise when the car engine was running; the long-term fast and long-term load working condition caused the lubrication of the rolling bearing to deteriorate and even damage. If you need connecting rod bushes for the Yanmar 3tnv70 engine, you can call (+852) 63548665 to contact LandTopMall’s accessories experts for purchase.


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How to Judge the Abnormal Noise of the Connecting Rod Bearing?

Judgment method of the abnormal sound of connecting rod bearing: 1. Judging according to the different sounds emitted by the engine: when listening outside the engine, the sound is a short and solid “click, click” sound; 2. Listen at the oil filler, the sound is a crisp and loud “dang, dang” sound; 3. If the engine changes from idle speed to medium speed, the sound will be clearer, and the sound will be more prominent as the speed increases; 4. If the single-cylinder fire-off method is used to check, the sound weakens or disappears, indicating that the connecting rod bearing of the cylinder is making noise; 5. If the sound is mixed, there is a sound of “clucking, rattling” or “crashing, splashing”, which can also be used to cut off. Fire inspection, if the sound is weakened after the single-cylinder is out of the fire, and then the double-cylinder continues to fire, the sound is weakened or disappeared, indicating that the multi-cylinder connecting rod bearing is worn and loose; 6. No matter whether the engine temperature is low or high, no matter at any speed In all cases, a serious and rhythmic “clang, clang” sound is emitted, and the cylinder head vibrates very strongly, and the same is the same during the fire-off or re-fire test, it can be concluded that the alloy layer of the connecting rod bearing bush is overheated and melted, and it should be removed immediately. Solution repair.

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What Are the Precautions?

  1. When installing the piston pin, carefully check whether the piston pin meets the regulations, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the surface of the parts. It is not necessary to be too tight or too loose during installation. 0.06mm.
  2. When operating in winter, crank the engine crankshaft several times first. After running, it is advisable to run at the standby speed. When the temperature of the water is upgraded to above 40°C, you can start driving.
  3. Apply high-quality lubricating grease and maintain high-quality regularly. If water seepage turns black, gray-black or there is waste, it should be replaced immediately.
  4. During driving, you need to pay attention to observing the burden of the car oil meter or the working condition of the alarm system. If there is any abnormality, it should be cleared immediately.
  5. Strictly implement the safety operation procedures, use the car reasonably, and minimize the overload operation of light-load and low-speed gears.

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