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Why Do Cylinder Liners Wear Out?

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The cylinder liner is a cylindrical part, which is placed in the cylinder block hole of the body and is pressed and fixed by the cylinder head. The piston reciprocates in its inner hole and is cooled by cooling water outside.

Cylinder Liners

Cause Analysis of Cylinder Liner Wear

The working environment of the cylinder liner is very harsh, and there are many reasons for wear. Normal wear and tear are usually allowed due to construction, but improper use and maintenance can cause abnormal wear and tear.

The Reason for the Construction of the Cylinder Liner

The Lubrication is Not Good, the Upper Part of the Cylinder Liner is Seriously Worn

The upper part of the cylinder liner is close to the combustion chamber, and the high temperature leads to poor lubrication conditions. The flushing and dilution of fresh air and unevaporated fuel are easy to aggravate the deterioration, making the cylinders in a state of dry friction or semi-dry friction.

Cylinder Wear is Heavy Up and Down Due to High Pressure on the Upper Part

The piston ring is tightly pressed against the cylinder wall under the action of its own elastic force and backpressure. During the power stroke, as the piston descends, the positive pressure gradually decreases, so the cylinder wear is heavy up and down.

Mineral and Organic Acids Corrode and Peel off the Cylinder Surface

After the combustible gas mixture in the cylinder is burned, water vapor and acidic oxides are generated, which dissolve in water to generate mineral acid, and the organic acid generated during combustion produces corrosion on the surface of the cylinder, and the corrosion is gradually scraped by the piston ring during friction. falling off, resulting in deformation of the cylinder liner.

Impurities Aggravate the Wear in the Middle of the Cylinder

Dust in the air, impurities in the lubricating oil, etc., enter between the piston and the cylinder wall and cause abrasive wear. When the dust or impurities reciprocate with the piston in the cylinder, because the movement speed in the middle of the cylinder is the largest, the wear of the middle of the cylinder is aggravated.


Poor Lubricating Oil Filter

The lubricating oil filter does not work properly, the lubricating oil cannot be effectively filtered, and the lubricating oil containing a large number of hard particles will inevitably increase the wear of the inner wall of the cylinder liner.

Inefficient Air Filter

The function of the air filter is to remove the dust and sand contained in the air entering the cylinder to reduce the wear of parts such as the cylinder, piston, and piston rings. If the air filter is not cleaned and maintained for a long time, the filtering effect is poor, which will accelerate the wear of the cylinder liner.

Low Temperature and Long Time Operation

Operating at a low temperature for a long time will not only easily cause poor combustion, but also easily cause electrochemical corrosion. If the combustion is poor, the carbon deposits will spread from the upper part of the cylinder liner, causing serious abrasive wear on the upper part of the cylinder liner.

Frequent Use of Inferior Lubricants

The use of inferior lubricating oil will cause strong corrosion of the upper part of the cylinder liner, and the wear amount is 1-2 times larger than the normal value.

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