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Why Do You Need to Maintain Excavator Accessories Regularly?

Many people know that excavator accessories require long-term maintenance, but do not know their real purpose and importance. There are three main reasons for maintaining the excavator. One is to reduce the failure of the machine, thereby prolonging the service life of the machine; the second is to shorten the downtime of the machine; the third is to improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs. As long as the daily management of fuel, lubricating oil, water, and the air is done well, 70% of the failures can be avoided.


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Fuel Management

Different brands of diesel oil should be selected according to different ambient temperatures; diesel oil should not be mixed with impurities, lime soil, and water, otherwise, the fuel pump will be worn out prematurely; the paraffin and sulfur content in inferior fuel oil will cause damage to the engine; daily work After finishing, the fuel tank should be filled with fuel to prevent water droplets from forming on the inner wall of the fuel tank; before daily work, open the drain valve at the bottom of the fuel tank to drain the water; after the engine fuel is used up or the filter element is replaced, the air in the road must be exhausted. If your engine is Yanmar, then you can find its related accessories in LandTopMall, such as Yanmar 3tnv76 engine for sale in LandTopMall with high selling.

Grease Management

The use of lubricating oil reduces wear on moving surfaces and prevents noise. When storing the grease, dust, sand, water and other impurities should not be mixed in; use lithium-based grease G2-L1, which has good anti-wear performance and is suitable for heavy-duty conditions; when filling, try to squeeze out all the old oil. And wipe clean to prevent sand from sticking.

Maintenance of Filter Element

The filter element plays the role of filtering impurities in the oil or gas path, preventing them from invading the system and causing failure; various filter elements should be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the (operation and maintenance manual); when replacing the filter element, check whether there is metal attached to the old If metal particles are found on the filter element, diagnose and take improvement measures in time; use the pure filter element that meets the requirements of the machine. The filtering ability of the fake and inferior filter element is poor, and the surface and material quality of the filter layer do not meet the requirements, which will seriously affect the normal use of the machine. LandTopMall is a mature accessories sales mall with more than 8 years of accessories sales experience. Our products have been widely praised by customers all over the world, and we have professional accessories to serve you. The filter element suitable for the 4d32 engine is a popular product in our store. In addition, if your excavator needs to replace the filter element but you don’t know how to choose, please call (+852) 63548665 for consultation.


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Excavator accessories are important components to maintaining the normal operation of excavators. As we all know, excavator accessories must be cleaned and maintained regularly. So, what is the cleaning method?

  1. First, remove the carbon deposits in the accessories. Since the carbon deposits will cause the machine to run slowly, it is very important to remove the carbon deposits. To remove carbon deposits, mechanical removal methods can be used, that is, scrapers or metal brushes are used to remove carbon deposits, but this method is not easy to remove carbon deposits, and it is easy to damage the surface of parts. 80~90℃, expand the carbon deposits on the parts and then use a brush to remove them.
  2. If there are too many oil stains in the accessories, it will directly affect the operational performance of the excavator. The method of removing oil stains should be scraped off with tools first. Generally, the effect of cleaning oil stains with hot cleaning fluid will be better. The commonly used cleaning fluids are synthetic detergents. And alkaline cleaning fluid, it should be noted here that aluminum alloy parts cannot be cleaned in strong alkaline cleaning fluid; non-metallic rubber parts should be cleaned with alcohol or brake fluid.
  3. The removal of scale is also indispensable. The chemical removal method is generally used to remove scale. The chemical solution for removing scale is added to the coolant. After the engine works for a certain period, the coolant is replaced. The commonly used chemical solutions for removing scale are: hydrochloric acid Descalers Caustic soda solution, hydrochloric acid solution, and phosphoric acid descaler are suitable for removing scale from aluminum alloy parts.

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