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Antonio Carraro Praises the New Yanmar 3TNV70 Parts

Antonio Carraro, Italian agricultural machinery with a reputation for orchard tractor manufacturing, recently announced that the company’s 25-90 horsepower range of various models of tractors are increasingly equipped with a Japanese Yanmar engine. These tractors are widely used for professional, semi-professional, and recreational purposes.

The Yanmar Group has several production bases, companies, and parts distribution centers in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America outside Japan, products include engines (ships and land), agricultural machinery, construction machinery, generators, and yachts, and more.

Yanmar is a world-recognized diesel engine brand, especially proud of its products and services. High-quality products and services are not only recognized as competitive advantages in the market but Yanmar is also known for being green and committed to developing the most advanced energy-saving technology.

The Yanmar brand is characterized by its incredible reliability, says Antonio Carraro. The brand is also a world leader in efficiency and global support networks. This can be seen from the fact that Yanmar 3TNV70 engine is the world leader in sales of 50 hp engines. In addition, Yanmar’s maintenance is very simple and cost-effective, requiring very simple basic operations to keep the engine running. Yanmar also leads the world in the ratio of diesel consumption to electricity generation. At the same time, Yanmar cares about the environment, and even after hundreds of hours of use, its engines ensure low pollution levels and compliance with emissions regulations.

In-depth cultivation of the market strengthens sales. In 2008, Yangma Agricultural Machinery Sales Department tried out the regional manager responsibility system to promote sales service integration. Sales Market Division, province, city, county gradually advance, sales, service unified management, classification assessment. The need for rice machinery and tools and subsidies work needs, around the promotion and sales work, in a variety of forms widely publicized. In 2008, a total of 171 on-site meetings were held at major exhibitions, with 19,900 visitors, 134 exhibitions, 5,760 visitors, 73 exhibitions, and 3,500 visitors, the large-scale exhibition attracted 20,000 visitors.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the agricultural machinery industry, the arrogant owners of automobiles and construction machinery “Envy”, willing to put the basket of the cake into the agricultural machinery industry, to share the risk of capital depreciation. It should be affirmed that their entry has not only brought about advanced ideas but also intensified competition in the quiet agricultural machinery market and substantially increased investment in the technological transformation of agricultural machinery enterprises and modern factory buildings, the rise of machining centers, CNC machine tools, laser equipment, electrophoretic coating, these in today’s agricultural machinery industry is no longer news. Factory building modernization, advanced equipment, improve the quality of workers, some enterprises also used CAD, CAE, PDM, ERP, SCM, and other information technology. But experts say none of this is digital or even combined. Although we have spent all the money we need, there is still a lot of investment in the design and manufacture of bridges, and the primitive and backward management methods can no longer adapt to the pace of digital manufacturing.

Antonio Calero claims that this Yanmar tractor is well balanced and reduces chassis vibration, leading to more comfort and longer life for the tractor. No matter what the weather is, whether it is hot or cold, dry or wet, the engine will catch fire immediately and react positively.

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