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New Yanmar 3TNV76 Engine for Sale at LandTopMall and Launched in Response to the Market Rally

Ingenious design

For users, whether the harvester product is good or not, the main product reliability is high, small faults, wide applicability, and high efficiency, especially as part of the inter-regional harvest of agricultural machinery products. In addition, the product performance is good, clean, and broken low, so mobile operations are more easily praised by farmers’ customers. Any one of these factors could be a weak spot for users to make money. Of course, these factors are of different importance to different mobile phones.

Always in pursuit of perfection, the new 3TNV76 half-feed Harvester is developed around the above pain point. According to Yanmar R & D personnel, this new product has several industry-leading unique design advantages.

3TNV76  complete machine adopts a “Unit” design, user maintenance is simple and convenient. Yang Ma, Deputy General Manager of China, Ma Heng, told reporters that the 3TNV76  grain box capacity reached 1800 liters, unloading the grain tube at a key location unloading, a key reset, can minimize the time to put grain, improve efficiency. The design of segmenting and layering threshing makes threshing cleaner and more popular among grain farmers. Yanmar 3TNV76 Engine for Sale at LandTopMall.

Yanmar 3TNV76  has good operational applicability. In the field test, it has a good performance in wet field trafficability and harvest of lodging crops. According to MA, 3TNV76  has adjustable standard and wet field operation modes, the standard model has a small turning radius, fast speed, and smooth turning, while the wet field mode can realize a large turning radius and avoid sinking. The walking part of 3TNV76 also adopts the full-time drive gearbox like the FDS full-feed current harvester of YH1180, which was previously a best-seller of Yanmar, the machine body can be controlled by auto-balance, keep a level working state, and the clearance can be adjusted, so that it can adapt to various complex working conditions.

3TNV76  also has a significant advantage, in the operation can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the feed, drive fast “eat” in the parking and reversing time to stop, reduce the rear end of the spray. In the cleaning process, the air volume and the vibrating screen angle can also be adjusted automatically to “automatically correlate with” the feed volume. When the feed volume is large, the opening of the sieve synchronously increases and the wind speed increases, and vice versa. This design greatly improves the cleaning effect.

In addition, as the core components of the engine, imported Yanmar 118.8 horsepower diesel engine, turbocharged intake, high-pressure common-rail intelligent injection, stable and reliable, the rotary dedusting device and the dedusting fan can exhaust the dust in time and cool it quickly.

It’s all in the details. The design of 3TNV76  shows the extraordinary spirit of Japanese craftsmanship. The CAB has a wide field of vision, is spacious and comfortable, high sealing and temperature control. These “humanization” simplification” and “intellectualization” designs, also fully satisfied the young generation with the product’s high efficiency and the comfortable pursuit.

Yanmar 3tnv76 engine for sale


High-end Value

The new general manager of Yanmar China, Nakajima Weixiong, has high hopes for 3TNV76. He said that this new half-feed product condenses Yanmar’s latest product design idea and many leading technologies, can bring a higher benefit to the user, and also hopes to make a greater contribution to agricultural modernization.

I learned that the price of this product on the market will exceed 400,000. As far as Ma Heng is concerned, you get what you pay for. Because the manufacturing cost of this product is not low, key components such as the engine gearbox are imported from Japan, especially behind its good performance quality, all come from the enterprise design and development of all kinds of hearts and a large number of pre-trial investment. For Japanese companies, a product must be fully mature before it can be mass-produced and put on the market.

Behind the relatively high-end pricing is the high added value of the product. Its 118-horsepower engine is by far the largest half-feed combine harvester on the market and the first and only half-feed harvester with a cockpit.

For the target users of this product, it is very important that in addition to the new product phase of the overall competitiveness, the residual value of the second-hand mobile phone is also one of the advantages of this product. In the northeast market, the second-hand mobile phone is one of the most developed areas in China, this high-end product retention rate, is expected to be second-hand phone users and market transactions subject to favor.

3TNV76, which has received a promotion certificate this year, will start selling in smaller batches next year, so it may be some time before it becomes available to some eager foreign horsemen. The first year or two of a new product’s introduction is not a rush to mass-market sales, as is often the case with Yanmar. After all, no matter how good a product may be, the manufacturer must have the ability of timely service, especially to purchase accessories to be convenient.

The best service, says Dong Mingzhu, a domestic celebrity entrepreneur, is no service. High reliability, fewer glitches, this history is good at lean manufacturing Yanmar products expertise and reputation. For the participation of inter-district operations of agricultural machinery, good service is not limited to the purchase, but also extends to each inter-district operations site, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. In recent years, an enterprise in Jiangsu is quite leading in the field of full-feed Harvester, and its established national service advantage is an important factor. Yanmar China, in recent years, has also been improving to meet the local users of the comprehensive service.

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Yanmar 3tnv76 engine for sale


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