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Fuel Filter 600-319-3610 for Komatsu SAA4D107E SAA6D107E Engine PC160LC-8 PC200-8 PC220-8 PC300-8

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We have established long-term, stable relationships with many courier companies, including DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, etc., to ensure that our products are delivered to you in a timely and accurate manner. Generally, we will choose the optimal courier service for you depending on your destination, but of course, you can also contact us to choose your preferred courier service.

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    We are committed to providing our clients with a satisfying service and experience. If you have any questions, please contact us via email, phone and online service. We offer a 30-day return or exchange on receipt of parts (replacement parts only).


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    Description Reviews & FAQ

    Fuel Filter 600-319-3610 for Komatsu SAA4D107E SAA6D107E Engine PC160LC-8 PC200-8 PC220-8 PC300-8

    Part Number: 600-319-3610, 6003193610

    For Komatsu Model:
    BR380JG-1E0 S/N 2001-UP
    BR380JG-1E0 S/N 2616-UP
    D39EX-22 S/N 3001-UP
    D39PX-22 S/N 3001-UP
    D51EX-24 S/N 10001-UP
    D51EX-24 S/N B20001-UP
    D51EXI-24 S/N 10001-UP
    D51EXI-24 S/N B20001-UP
    D51PX-24 S/N 10001-UP
    D51PX-24 S/N B20001-UP
    D51PXI-24 S/N 10001-UP
    D51PXI-24 S/N B20001-UP
    D61EX-15E0-BW S/N B45001-UP
    D61EX-23M0 S/N B50001
    D61EX-24 S/N B60001-UP
    D61EXI-24 S/N B60001-UP
    D61PX-15E0-BW S/N B45001-UP
    D61PX-24 S/N B60001-UP
    D61PXI-24 S/N B60001-UP
    D65EX-15E0 S/N 69001-UP (ecot3)
    D65EX-16 S/N 80001-UP
    D65EX-17 S/N 1001-UP
    D65EX-18 S/N 90001-UP
    D65EX-18E0 S/N 91845-UP
    D65EXI-18 S/N 90023-UP
    D65EXI-18E0 S/N 91845-UP
    D65PX-15E0 S/N 69001-UP (ecot3)
    D65PX-16 S/N 80001-UP
    D65PX-17 S/N 1001-UP
    D65PX-18 S/N 90001-UP
    D65PX-18E0 S/N 91845-UP
    D65PXI-18 S/N 90023-UP
    D65PXI-18E0 S/N 91845-UP
    D65WX-15E0 S/N 69001-UP (ecot3)
    D65WX-16 S/N 80001-UP
    D65WX-17 S/N 1001-UP
    D65WX-18 S/N 90001-UP
    D65WX-18E0 S/N 91845-UP
    GD535-5 S/N B10001-UP
    GD655-5 S/N B40001-UP
    GD655-7 S/N 65001-UP
    GD675-7E0 S/N 65001-UP
    GD705-5 S/N 26001-UP
    HB205-1 S/N 1001-UP
    HB205-1M0 S/N 10001-UP
    HB215LC-1 S/N 1001-UP
    HB215LC-1M0 S/N 10001-UP
    HB215LC-2 S/N 50001-UP
    HB215LC-3 S/N 70001-UP (For KAL)
    HB215LC-3 S/N 70009-UP
    HB215LC-3 S/N K70001-UP
    HB335-1 S/N 1001-UP
    HB335LC-1 S/N 1001-UP
    HB365-1 S/N 1001-UP
    HB365LC-1 S/N 1001-UP
    HB365LC-3 S/N 5001-UP
    HB365LC-3 S/N 5169-UP (For KAL)
    HB365LC-3 S/N K70001-UP
    HB365LC-3E0 S/N K75001-UP
    HB365NLC-3 S/N K70001-UP
    HB365NLC-3E0 S/N K75001-UP
    PC160LC-7-E0 S/N K45001-UP
    PC160LC-8 S/N 25001-UP
    PC160LC-8 S/N B30001-UP
    PC160LC-8 S/N C20001-UP
    PC160LC-8 S/N J10001-UP
    PC160LC-8 S/N K50001-UP
    PC170LC-10 S/N 30001-UP
    PC170LC-10 S/N F30003 AND UP
    PC170LC-10 S/N K60001-UP
    PC170LC-11 S/N 35001-UP (For KAL)
    PC170LC-11 S/N F40001 AND UP
    PC180LC-7-E0 S/N K45001-UP
    PC180NLC-7-E0 S/N K45001-UP
    PC190LC-8 S/N K50001-UP
    PC190NLC-8 S/N K50001-UP
    PC195LC-8 S/N J10001-UP
    PC200-8 / PC200LC-8 S/N B30001-UP
    PC200-8 S/N 300001-UP (ecot3)
    PC200-8 S/N 310001-315645
    PC200-8 S/N 315646-UP
    PC200-8 S/N 350001-UP
    PC200-8 S/N C60001-UP
    PC200-8M0 / PC200LC-8M0 S/N B50001 AND UP
    PC200-8M0 S/N 400001-UP
    PC200-8M0 S/N J60001-UP
    PC200-8M0 S/N Y201001-UP Ярославль
    PC200F-8 S/N B31800-UP
    PC200LC-8 A88001-UP
    PC200LC-8 S/N 300001-UP (ecot3)
    PC200LC-8 S/N 310001-315645
    PC200LC-8 S/N 315646-UP
    PC200LC-8 S/N 350001-UP
    PC200LC-8 S/N A90301-UP
    PC200LC-8M0 S/N 400001-UP
    PC200LC-8M0 S/N Y201001-UP Ярославль
    PC200LL-8 S/N A87001-UP
    PC210-10 S/N 450120-UP
    PC210-10 S/N K60001-UP
    PC210-10M0 S/N 600001-UP
    PC210-11 S/N 500001-UP (For KAL)
    PC210-8K S/N K50001-UP
    PC210I-10 S/N 451080-UP
    PC210LC-10 A10001-UP
    PC210LC-10 S/N 450001-UP
    PC210LC-10 S/N 450120-UP
    PC210LC-10 S/N K60001-UP
    PC210LC-10M0 S/N 600001-UP
    PC210LC-11 S/N 500001-UP (For KAL)
    PC210LC-11 SN A12001-UP
    PC210LC-8K S/N K50001-UP
    PC210LCI-10 S/N 451080-UP (EU Standard Machine)
    PC210LCI-10 S/N K65001-UP
    PC210LCI-11 S/N 500470-UP
    PC210LCI-11 S/N K75001-UP
    PC210LL-10 A52001 - UP
    PC210NLC-11 S/N K70001-UP
    PC210NLC-8K S/N K50001-UP
    PC220-8 S/N 70001-UP (ecot3)
    PC220-8 S/N 80001-UP
    PC220-8 S/N 80377-UP
    PC220-8 S/N 85001-UP
    PC220-8M0 S/N 100001-UP
    PC220-8M0 S/N Y221001-UP Ярославль
    PC220LC-8 S/N 70001-UP (ecot3)
    PC220LC-8 S/N 80001-UP
    PC220LC-8 S/N 80377-UP
    PC220LC-8 S/N 85001-UP
    PC220LC-8 S/N 85674-UP (Super Long Front Spec.)
    PC220LC-8 S/N A88001-UP
    PC220LC-8M0 S/N 100001-UP
    PC220LC-8M0 S/N Y221001-UP Ярославль
    PC228US-11 S/N 5001-UP (For KAL)
    PC228US-11 S/N 5002-UP
    PC228US-3E0 S/N 40001-UP (TIER 3)
    PC228US-8 S/N 50001-UP
    PC228USLC-10 S/N 1001-UP
    PC228USLC-10 S/N 1110-UP
    PC228USLC-11 S/N 5001-UP (For KAL)
    PC228USLC-3E0 S/N 40001-UP (TIER 3)
    PC228USLC-8 S/N 50001-UP
    PC230NHD-11 S/N K70001-UP
    PC230NHD-8K S/N K50001-UP
    PC238USLC-11 S/N 5001-UP
    PC240-8K S/N 10001-UP ( Standard Machine )
    PC240LC-10 S/N 90001-UP
    PC240LC-10 S/N A20001-UP
    PC240LC-11 CMO S/N K73001-UP
    PC240LC-11 S/N 95001-UP (For KAL)
    PC240LC-11 S/N K70001-UP
    PC240LC-11 SN A22001-UP
    PC240LC-11E0 S/N K75001-UP
    PC240LC-8 S/N B10001-UP
    PC240LC-8K S/N K50001-UP
    PC240LL-10 SN A20601-UP
    PC240NLC-11 S/N K70001-UP
    PC240NLC-11E0 S/N K75001-UP
    PC240NLC-8K S/N K50001-UP
    PC270-8 S/N 20001-UP (TIER 3, Overseas Version)
    PC270-8 S/N 30001-30116
    PC270-8 S/N 30117-UP
    PC270LC-8 S/N 30117-UP
    PC270LC-8N1-W1 S/N 30001-30116
    PC270LC-8-W1 S/N 20001-UP
    PC290-8K S/N 10001-UP ( Standard Machine )
    PC290LC-10 S/N 15001-UP
    PC290LC-10 S/N A25001-UP
    PC290LC-11 A27001-UP
    PC290LC-11 CMO S/N K73001-UP
    PC290LC-11 S/N 35001-UP (For KAL)
    PC290LC-11 S/N K70001-UP
    PC290LC-11E0 S/N K75001-UP
    PC290LC-8 S/N 30471-UP
    PC290LC-8K S/N K50001-UP
    PC290LCI-11 S/N 35001-UP
    PC290LCI-11 SN A29001-UP
    PC290LL-11 SN A29501-UP
    PC290NLC-11 S/N 35001-UP
    PC290NLC-11 S/N K70001-UP
    PC290NLC-11E0 S/N K75001-UP
    PC290NLC-8K S/N K50001-UP
    PC300-7E0 S/N 50001-UP (ecot3)
    PC300-8 S/N 60001-60021
    PC300-8 S/N 60001-UP
    PC300-8 S/N C50001-UP
    PC300-8 S/N K55001-UP
    PC300-8M0 S/N 80001-UP
    PC300-8M0 S/N J40001-UP
    PC300-8M0 S/N K56001-UP
    PC300-8M0 S/N Y301001-UP Ярославль
    PC300HD-7E0 S/N A86001-UP
    PC300HD-8 s/n A87001 and up
    PC300LC-7E0 S/N 50001-UP (ecot3)
    PC300LC-7E0 S/N A88001-UP
    PC300LC-8 S/N 60001-60021
    PC300LC-8 S/N 60001-UP
    PC300LC-8 S/N A90001-UP
    PC300LC-8M0 S/N 80001-UP
    PC300LC-8M0 S/N Y301001-UP Ярославль
    PC300LL-7E0 S/N A86001-UP
    PC350-7E0 S/N 30001-UP (ecot3)
    PC350-8 S/N 60001-60021
    PC350-8 S/N 60001-UP
    PC350-8M0 S/N 80001-UP
    PC350HD-8 S/N A00001 and up
    PC350LC-7E0 S/N 30001-UP (ecot3)
    PC350LC-8 S/N 60001-60021
    PC350LC-8 S/N 60001-UP
    PC350LC-8 S/N A10001-UP
    PC350LC-8 S/N B10001-UP
    PC350LC-8M0 S/N 80001-UP
    PC350LC-8M0 S/N A33901-UP
    PC350LC-8M0 S/N K52001-UP
    PC350LL-7E0 S/N A50001-UP
    PC360LC-10 S/N 70001-UP
    PC360LC-10 S/N A32001-UP
    PC360LC-10 S/N K60001-UP
    PC360LC-11 S/N 90001-UP (For KAL)
    PC360LC-11 SN A35001-UP
    PC360LCi-11 A38001-UP BEPB109002
    PC360LCI-11 S/N 90156-UP (For KAL)
    PC360NLC-10 S/N 70001-UP
    PC360NLC-10 S/N K60001-UP
    PC390LC-10 S/N A30001-UP & K64001-UP
    PC390LC-11 S/N A30401-UP
    PC390LC-8M0 S/N 80699-UP
    PC390LCI-11 A31001-UP BEPB113400 3.8.2018
    PC390LL-10 A50601 & UP
    PW148-11 S/N H55051-UP
    PW148-8 S/N H50051-UP
    PW160-11 S/N H65051-UP
    PW180-11 S/N H75051-UP
    PW180-7E0 S/N H55051-UP
    PW200-7E0 S/N H55051-UP
    PW220-7E0 S/N H65051-UP
    SAA4D107E-1 S/N 26633119-up
    SAA4D107E-1AA S/N 26513014-UP (For D39EX-22/D39PX-22)
    SAA4D107E-1A-W S/N 26503098-UP
    SAA4D107E-1A-WK S/N 21720884-UP
    SAA4D107E-1B S/N 26508146-UP (For WA200-6/WA200PZ-6)
    SAA4D107E-1B S/N 26537379-UP (For WA200-6)
    SAA4D107E-1B S/N 36497072-UP
    SAA4D107E-1B-W S/N 26503098-UP
    SAA4D107E-1C S/N 541103-UP (For PC200-8E0/PC200LC-8E0)
    SAA4D107E-1D S/N 21872538-UP (For PC160LC-8)
    SAA4D107E-1D S/N 21872538-UP (For PC190LC/NLC-8)
    SAA4D107E-1D S/N 26527701-UP (For PC160LC-8)
    SAA4D107E-1D S/N 36399067-UP (For PC160LC-8)
    SAA4D107E-1E S/N 26554518-UP (For HB205-1)
    SAA4D107E-1E S/N 26554518-UP (For HB205-1/HB215LC-1)
    SAA4D107E-1F S/N 102262-UP (For HB205-1M0/HB215LC-1M0)
    SAA4D107E-2A S/N 22130100-UP (For PW148-10)
    SAA4D107E-2A S/N 22140192-UP (For PC170LC-10)
    SAA4D107E-2A S/N 26602582-UP (For PC170LC-10/PC170LC-RA-10)
    SAA4D107E-2B S/N 22129898-UP (For PW160-10)
    SAA4D107E-2B S/N 22140192-UP (For HB215LC-2)
    SAA4D107E-2B S/N 26603261-UP (For HB215LC-2)
    SAA4D107E-2C S/N 22141476-UP (For WA200-7)
    SAA4D107E-2C S/N 26606209-UP (For WA200-7)
    SAA4D107E-3A S/N 26650313-UP (For PC170LC-11)
    SAA4D107E-3B S/N 73867980 - D61-24M
    SAA6D107E-1A S/N 26546230-UP (For BR380JG-1E0)
    SAA6D107E-1AA-W S/N 26500006-UP
    SAA6D107E-1B S/N 26500006-UP
    SAA6D107E-1B S/N 541137-UP (For PC200-8/PC200-JK-8N1/PC200F-8/PC200LC-8)
    SAA6D107E-1B-W S/N 26500006-UP
    SAA6D107E-1B-W S/N 30919040-UP
    SAA6D107E-1B-W1 S/N 26500006-UP
    SAA6D107E-1B-WK S/N 21664045-UP
    SAA6D107E-1C S/N 26542663-UP (For PC220-8/PC220LC-8)
    SAA6D107E-1CC S/N 26540705-UP (For GD655-5)
    SAA6D107E-1CC S/N 26540705-UP (For GD655-5/GD675-5)
    SAA6D107E-1C-W1 S/N 26500006-UP
    SAA6D107E-1C-WK S/N 21686905-UP
    SAA6D107E-1D S/N 537463-UP (For WA380-6)
    SAA6D107E-1DD S/N 26540713-UP (For GD555-5)
    SAA6D107E-1D-W S/N 26500006-UP
    SAA6D107E-1E S/N 26537659-UP (For PC270-8/PC270LC-8)
    SAA6D107E-1E-W S/N 26500006-UP
    SAA6D107E-1E-W1 S/N 26500006-UP
    SAA6D107E-1F S/N 537218-UP (For PC308USLC-3E0)
    SAA6D107E-1F-W S/N 26500978-UP
    SAA6D107E-1G-W S/N 26500006-UP
    SAA6D107E-1G-WK S/N 26500006-UP
    SAA6D107E-1H S/N 26506237-UP (For WA250-6/WA250PZ-6)
    SAA6D107E-1H-W S/N 26500006-UP
    SAA6D107E-1J S/N 26534228-UP (For WA320-6/WA320PZ-6)
    SAA6D107E-1J S/N H00059 - H00256 (For WA320-6 Highlift)
    SAA6D107E-1J S/N H62051 - Up (For WA320-6)
    SAA6D107E-1K S/N 26547615-UP (For PC228US-8/PC228USLC-8)
    SAA6D107E-1K S/N 26547615-UP (For PC228USLC-8)
    SAA6D107E-1L S/N 26580638-UP (For WA380Z-6)
    SAA6D107E-1N S/N 26542663-up
    SAA6D107E-1N S/N 26594007-UP (For PC200-8M0/PC200LC-8M0)
    SAA6D107E-1N S/N 26598590-up
    SAA6D107E-1N S/N 36506214-UP (For PC200-8M0/PC200LC-8M0)
    SAA6D107E-1Q S/N 26598590-UP (For PC220-8M0/PC220LC-8M0)
    SAA6D107E-2 S/N 21857281-UP (For PC210-10/PC210LC-10)
    SAA6D107E-2 S/N 26600164-UP (For PC210-10/PC210LC-10)
    SAA6D107E-2 S/N 26600164-UP (For PC210LC-10)
    SAA6D107E-2A S/N 22008976-UP (For PC240LC-10/PC240NLC-10)
    SAA6D107E-2A S/N 26600001-UP (For PC240LC-10)
    SAA6D107E-2A S/N 26600001-UP (For PC240LC-10/PC240NLC-10)
    SAA6D107E-2B S/N 22021171-UP (For PC290LC-10/PC290NLC-10)
    SAA6D107E-2B S/N 26600006-UP (For PC290LC-10)
    SAA6D107E-2B S/N 26600006-UP (For PC290LC-10/PC290NLC-10)
    SAA6D107E-2C S/N 26600007-UP (For WA380-7)
    SAA6D107E-2D S/N 26600207-UP (For D61EX-23/D61EXI-23/D61PX-23/D61PXI-23)
    SAA6D107E-2E S/N 21857281-UP (For PC210-10/PC210LC-10/PC210I-10/PC210LCI-10)
    SAA6D107E-2E S/N 26600164-UP (For PC210-10/PC210-10, PC210LC-10/PC210LC-10)
    SAA6D107E-2F S/N 2212910-UP (For WA320-7)
    SAA6D107E-2F S/N 26600890-UP (For WA320-7)
    SAA6D107E-2G S/N 22128352-UP (For WA270-7)
    SAA6D107E-2G S/N 26601326-UP (For WA270-7)
    SAA6D107E-2H S/N 26603998-UP (For PC228USLC-10)
    SAA6D107E-3A S/N 22150359-UP (For PC240LC-11/PC240NLC-11)
    SAA6D107E-3A S/N 22344728-UP (For PC240LC-11E0/PC240NLC-11E0)
    SAA6D107E-3A S/N 26606389-UP (For PC240LC-11/PC240NLC-11)
    SAA6D107E-3B S/N 22157529-UP (For PC290LC-11/PC290NLC-11)
    SAA6D107E-3B S/N 22347036-UP (For PC290LC-11E0)
    SAA6D107E-3B S/N 26606842-UP (For PC290LC-11/PC290NLC-11)
    SAA6D107E-3C S/N 22173774-UP (For PC210-11/PC210LC-11)
    SAA6D107E-3C S/N 22209095-UP (For PC210NLC-11)
    SAA6D107E-3C S/N 22209095-UP (For PC230NHD-11)
    SAA6D107E-3C S/N 22271480-UP (For PW180-11)
    SAA6D107E-3C S/N 22394983-UP (For PC210-11E0/PC210LC-11E0)
    SAA6D107E-3C S/N 26609188-UP (For PC210-11/PC210LC-11)
    SAA6D107E-3D S/N 26631040-UP (For GD655-6/GD675-6)
    SAA6D107E-3E S/N 26634517-UP (For WA380-8)
    SAA6D107E-3F S/N 26635492-UP (For D61EX-24/D61EXI-24/D61PX-24/D61PXI-24)
    SAA6D107E-3H S/N 26644419-UP (For WA270-8)
    SAA6D114E-3 S/N 26866736-up
    SAA6D114E-3AA-W S/N 26850001-UP
    SAA6D114E-3A-WT S/N 26850001-UP
    SAA6D114E-3BB-W S/N 26850001-UP
    SAA6D114E-3B-WT S/N 26850001-UP
    SAA6D114E-3C S/N 26856759-UP (For WA430-6)
    SAA6D114E-3C-WT S/N 26850001-UP
    SAA6D114E-3D S/N 26850001-UP
    SAA6D114E-3D S/N 26852735-UP (For PC300-8/PC300LC-8/PC350-8/PC350LC-8)
    SAA6D114E-3D S/N 26852735-UP (For PC300-8/PC350LC-8)
    SAA6D114E-3D-WT S/N 26850001-UP
    SAA6D114E-3E S/N 26858351-UP (For D65EX-16/D65PX-16/D65WX-16)
    SAA6D114E-3F S/N 26866736-UP (For PC300-8M0/PC300LC-8M0/PC350-8M0/PC350LC-8M0)
    SAA6D114E-3F S/N 26866736-UP (For PC300-8M0/PC350LC-8M0)
    SAA6D114E-3F S/N 26876462-UP (For PC350-8M0 WORK EQUIPMENT GREASE 500H)
    SAA6D114E-3H S/N 26868373-UP (For GD705-5)
    SAA6D114E-5A S/N 21857369-UP (For PC360LC-10/PC360NLC-10)
    SAA6D114E-5A S/N 26900005-UP (For PC360LC-10)
    SAA6D114E-5A S/N 26900005-UP (For PC360LC-10/PC360NLC-10)
    SAA6D114E-6B S/N 21857401-UP (For PC360LC-11/PC360NLC-11)
    SAA6D114E-6B S/N 22350158-UP (For PC360LC-11E0/PC360NLC-11E0/PC390HRD-11E0)
    SAA6D114E-6B S/N 26902500-UP (For PC360LC-11/PC360NLC-11)
    SAA6D114E-6C S/N 26903969-UP (For HB365LC-3)
    SAA6D114E-6C S/N 26908325-UP (For HB365LC/NLC-3E0)
    WA200-6 Highlift S/N H00051 - Up
    WA200-6 S/N 70001-UP
    WA200-6 S/N B20001-UP
    WA200-8 S/N 85001-UP
    WA200-8 S/N H80051-UP
    WA200PZ-6 S/N 70001-70882 (For EU)
    WA200PZ-6 S/N 70001-70882 (For N.America)
    WA200PZ-6 S/N 70136 - 70342
    WA200PZ-6 S/N H00051 - Up
    WA250-6 Highlift S/N H00051 - Up
    WA250-6 S/N A76001-UP
    WA250PZ-6 S/N 75001-75749 (For EU)
    WA250PZ-6 S/N 75001-75749 (For N.America)
    WA250PZ-6 S/N 75160 - 75467
    WA250PZ-6 S/N H00051 - Up
    WA270-7 S/N 80001-UP
    WA270-7 S/N A27001 - UP
    WA270-7 S/N H01051-UP
    WA270-8 A28001- UP
    WA270-8 S/N 83001-UP
    WA320-6 S/N A34001-UP
    WA320-6 S/N B20001-UP
    WA320-6N S/N A35001-UP
    WA320-7 S/N 80001-UP
    WA320-7 S/N A36001-UP
    WA320-7 S/N H01051-UP
    WA320-8 S/N 85001-UP
    WA320-8 SN A38001-UP
    WA320PZ-6 S/N 70092 - 70187
    WA320PZ-6 S/N H00051 - Up
    WA380-6 S/N A53001-UP
    WA380-6 S/N H60051 - Up
    WA380-7 S/N 10001-UP
    WA380-7 S/N A64001-UP
    WA380-7 S/N H62051-UP
    WA380-8E0 S/N 15648-UP
    WA380-8E0 S/N H65451-UP
    WA430-6E0 S/N H60266 - Up

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